Portrait: Stefan

Name: Fride Axel Stefan
Year of birth:1945
Family:Married to Birgit b. Söderlund since 1970. Children: Thomas (1976) Madeleine (1978) and Josef (1986).
Madeleine married to Christer Rösth. Children: Hilma (2004) and Ebba (2005), Thomas married to Liza-Maria Bengtson. Child: Adelina (2006)
Place of residence: Sundsvall
E-mail: You can reach me by e-mail
Yrke:Craft teacher
Utbildning: Elementary school, Handicraft college and handicraft teachers training college.
Musical favourites: Jim Reeves (for his tender voice) and Sven-Ingvars, especially Sven-Erik Magnusson (for his charisma and rhythmic singing)
Hobbies: Playing guitar (especially my Gibson original 1967). I like to work with recording and record releases, and I run the company Clav together with my oldest son. I spend a lot of time maintaining my houses and being a landlord. I also spend time mending my cars, a.o. a Hanomag veteran bus. I'm very interested in handicraft and gardening. I have a summer house where I carry out a lot of small projects. I also enjoy associating with friends and meeting people.
Favourite food: Fillet steak with potatoe gratin and sauce de béarnaise. Every now and then I eat a McFeast at McDonald's.
Favourite food: Books based on real events, e.g. "True Stories". I like to read car magazines and sometimes I read tabloids.
Personal qualities: Alert in the morning, resolute, problem solver and positive. Somebody else should be telling about my qualities.
Role models: I admire those who try to make this world a better place. Levi Petrus and Martin Luther King are two examples of persons that I admire. I am engaged in the Christian democratic party and a member of the board of environment, municipality of Sundsvall. That's my way to make a difference.
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