Portrait: Sam
Name: Erik Åke Samuel
Year of birth: 1944
Family: Married to Elisabeth b. Sundholm, children: Olivia (1988), Benjamin (1989) and Julia (1992)
Place of residence: Sundsvall
e-mail:You can contact me via e-mail
Profession: Dentist
Education: Dentist university degree (1972), Network technician (2000), Windows NT 4.0 certified (2002)
Musical favourites: Bach, Beethoven and Beatles
Hobbies: Constructing violins
Favourite food: All kinds of food, but my favourites are cod pot with leek and tomatoes and fillet steak with sauce béarnaise
Favourite reading: The Bible, spiritual litterature, non-fiction and science fiction
Personal qualities: It's difficult to describe myself but I consider myself as positive and calm, fond of discussions and deep conversations, always curious on everything and everyone
Role models: Jesus, the apostle Paul, my father Sven and my mother Märta
Latest update: 2008-07-01