Portrait: Jan-Ola
Name:Jan-Ola Seved
Year of birth:1947
Family:Married to Ingrid b. Höglin, children: Mikael (1976) Caroline (1979) and Jenny (1985). Caroline married to Emanuel Bengtsson. Child: Celine (2006)
Place of residence:Sundsvall
Profession:Salesman and singer
Education:Elementary school and residential college for adult education
Musical favourites:Elvis Presley, Oak Ridge Boys, Sven-Ingvars and Pelle Karlsson
Hobbies:Listening to music
Favourite food:Swedish meat balls with potatoes and homemade cowberry jam
Favourite reading:Books by the Swedish pastor Stanley Sjöberg, some american books for instance "Seeing Jesus as He really is" by Rodney H. Brown and the Bible of course
Role Models:Jesus, the Holy Spirit and all honest and candid people who love others as much as themselves. Humbleness is in my opinion a necessary virtue.
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