En framtid utan slut
A never ending future
Recorded in 1981 at the KMH-studio in Stockholm and 1982-1983 at Clav Music Studio in Sundsvall.
Among the songwriters were Ingemar Olsson (Home), Roland Utbult (Some day) and Per-Erik Hallin (What a world that will be). Some of the lyrics has been written by Elisabeth herself.
Music producer: Thomas Östberg and musicians from Sundsvall and Stockholm were used.
Photo: Charles Hammarsten, studio photography.

Drömmen om det goda i livet
Livets mening
Himmelska lag
Vilken värld det skall bli
Vem kan tala om
En dag
Det är längesen
Låt kärlek gro
Hemma (är med dig)
En framtid utan slut
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Text from the back side:
"Elisabeth Norlin is no new comer in the christian music business. How many productions she and the Norlins has participated in, they barely know themselves. I myself have had the pleasure to be accompanied by her fresh and engaged singing both on stage and in the studio. Surely this will be a success and she is worth it. She owns a talented voice but not only that, she is also a girl with splendid human qualities.

Jan Sparring"