Därför sjunger vi
That's why we sing
The first EP recorded in 1966 in Kumla, Sweden.
Technician: Bengt Andersson.
All singing and all instruments played by the Norlin family.
Released on the MRM label.
Photo: Dahlqvist in Kramfors, Sweden.

Därför sjunger vi
Kom och drick
Jesus kommer snart
Jag går till himlen
Audio clip:

Text from the back side:
"The song "Därför sjunger vi", was written by our eldest son Leif (25), who now is safely home with our Lord Jesus. During his last time here, often touched by the reality of heaven he left this testament to us, and we love to sing this song. Another song we have been singing a lot is "Jesus kommer snart". It has a timely message and it has been loved and appreciated by many people. Spiritual music has been an edifying and preserving factor and has always been a part of the family life.
Our wish is that these songs will be a blessing and an awakening to many people.

Greetings of victory
The Norlin family"